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Our commitment to a sustainable & eco-friendly beauty salon

Our commitment to a sustainable & eco-friendly beauty salon

In this edition of #SalonSpeaks, we talk about why creating & maintaining a eco-friendly, sustainable beauty salon is equally important to salon design. Salon design can be tough, but when paired with eco-friendly ideas, some might be worried about the costs associated to eco furniture, machines and tools.

In this short chapter, we will discuss the small little steps you can take to reduce your salon's carbon footprint:

  1. How to reduce your environmental impact
  2. How to reduce water consumption in your salon
  3. How to reduce consumption of electricity in your salon
  4. How to promote an eco-friendly attitude amongst your staff
  5. How to promote sustainability with your clients
  6. How does being eco-friendly benefit the salon
  7. Eco-Design x Salon Design

How to reduce your environmental impact?

Use eco-friendly products when cleaning or even diluted white vinegar to clean your machine. It helps! Use bio-degradable bags & reusable cups. Little things from bamboo toilet papers to separating your waste into plastic, paper, glass & aluminum. The 3Rs! If you remember... are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Another way to play a part in the saving the earth is by reusing the huge conditioner bottles, shampoo bottles etc. It can be used as vases or even storage materials. Use glassware instead of disposable plastic cups when serving coffee your clients. A little act goes a long way~

How to reduce water consumption in your salon?

Let's start by starting the washing machine only when the load is full. Use only cold water for washing. Try to use ecological detergents for both cleaning & laundry purposes. Reducing your water tap flow will also lead to reduction of water consumption. Most importantly, it might save you a few bucks at the end of the month!


How to reduce consumption of electricity in your salon?

Replace your light bulbs with low-consumption light bulbs. Install automatic sensor lights so that it will off when not in use. Purchase energy saving appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, coffee machines etc. Install automatic systems that off all your appliances at the end of the day. If not, just set an alarm at the end of the day to remind your staff to off all electronic appliances.


How to promote an eco-friendly attitude amongst your staff

Building a long-lasting sustainable green culture in the salon is very important. Training your staff to turn on styling tools only when they are being used and turning them off right after. Encourage daily acts of recycling habits such as separating cling wraps, foils. Avoid water pollution and be careful of what you dispose down the drain! Encouraging the usage of gloves multiple times before disposing of them!


How to promote sustainability with your clients

Encourage your clients to bring their own bottles for water/coffee/tea. 
Provide electronic receipts instead of physical paper receipts. It's a great way to track client appointments & visits!

Offer free shampoo/conditioner refills when they bring you their old straighteners/curlers. Once a month, organize a in-salon thrift shopping where clients bring along any clothes/accessories, & swap them with other clients. These are just some ideas, but you get the gist!

How does being eco-friendly benefit the salon?

Share the same green philosophy with your clients. Not only does it bring you valuable clients, you also save costs from additional electrical & water consumption which bumps up the price on your monthly bills. Plus, you are saving the earth in one way or another! We can be daily contributors to the re-establishment and protection of our earth.

Eco-Design x Salon Design

Exploit natural daylight with huge windows. Use reclaimed wood for furnishing & display - giving a natural feel and look too. 


Sustainability is no longer a question of trend, but rather of the necessity to improve the world one community at a time for future generations. Let's start with the beauty salon community. Saving energy costs less than buying it. So why don't we start the green culture in our salons? 

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